Monday, August 8, 2011

present and patient

   i've decided not to write any more about the elizabeth george book life management for busy women living God's plan with passion and purpose. for no other reason but i don't have permission to be quoting her and i'm not honestly sure i'm allowed to be giving chunks of a book away. however, please - please - please know, this is such a great book and i still stand firmly behind it and say it's a must read! unless i feel led otherwise, and i'm able to summarize better, i'm not going to be sharing any more from it. or unless elizabeth george herself gives me permission - lol! in the mean time, try to get your hands on a copy and i'll continue to share with you how i'm doing with my waking up early to be alone with the Lord.
  here is a link you should totally check out! on this website is a free ebook! it's available to download if your interested in "maximizing your mornings" with a jump start from the Lord. i found it months ago and while learning more about my net book i stumbled across the ebook that i downloaded and praise Jesus - it's all about helping you start your day off right - with the Lord! and with a few extra great ideas too! i highly recommend it. during the time i was praying weather or not to keep sharing the elizabeth george book is when i found this free ebook that i had downloaded and then forgot about (or just didn't know where it was). i started reading it and though, "hummmm, i need to share this with my blog readers! so there you have it.
   so today i've decided that my intentional challenge is going to be, to be present and patient. i'm still getting up early to have my quiet time with the Lord. i'm still also making sure to practice only doing one thing at a time and doing it for the Lord. i'm still making sure that i'm not multitasking my multitasking.
  this challenge today will be a good one because i'm excited for my grandparents to be visiting and i'll also be taking care of my new nephew in the afternoon. he may be new to our family, but he - himself isn't new. he's eight, and he and my son play very well together!
  being present and patient will be difficult for me because i'm going to want to be looking ahead to the visits and wanting to be making everything perfect for when everyone comes. their is just something about when my grandparents come, i really want everything to be ... i'm not even sure. it's not that i want the house to be spic and span beyond neat and tidy. i guess, just comfortable and welcoming for them. the temptation to buzz about like an angry bee, making everything "just so" will be great, but more then anything i'd like to have a nice morning with my children before things get busy and appreciate the quiet before the loudness arrives.
  so intentionally being in each and every moment enjoying it and shinning Jesus' love as often as i can, and intentionally being patient in each and every moment and enjoying what it has to bring are my two big challenges for tomorrow. it's late and now i need to go set up my coffee pot and my alarm clock! goodnight.

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