Monday, October 17, 2011

bringing my A game

 day 1, on a schedule: oh thaaaat's what all the fuss is about! when i would tell other people that we didn't really have a schedule, i would get looks. i would stammer and say things like, "well, it's just a very loose schedule," and it was - very loose. i know that i've only been at it for one day and a ton can change, but i really like having it all laid out in front of me, on paper, what is to happen next.
 i did wake up an hour late this morning (according to the schedule), and we did end up pushing everything back about 15 minutes. i forgot to take into account that transitions are s-l-o-w with young ins, but during nap time i got caught up with that time loss buy waking up the kiddos earlier. i thought it might help with putting them to bed and falling asleep earlier but it still took them both about an hour to get quiet in their rooms tonight - that doesn't usually happen.
 i even found that i had time that i didn't know i had! does that make sense? grant it, i'm waking up earlier, so i do have "extra time", but i feel it! so i didn't get all bent out of shape feeling like i was racing my new schedule with the clock.
 oh yeah, and the hubs was super excited about the schedule too! tonight he thanked me for "bringing my A game."
 day 2? bring it!

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