Sunday, October 16, 2011

time keeps on ticking ...

 here's my challenge for this week: i am going to make a schedule, pray over it, and stick to it.
 why? because their just doesn't ever seem to be enough time.
  (side note: when i awoke this morning, the first thing i said as i got out of bed was, "time keeps on ticking - ticking - ticking-" my husband, awake though i didn't know it yet, finished the line for me, "into the future - ")
 why is this a challenge you ask? because i don't like schedules, they make me feel ... rushed ... pressed for time. no need to feel this way though, because it will be an all day type of schedule, which means i've got all day. the same 24 hours each day holds, no more, no less, no rush, right? that will be what i remind myself if i start to feel anxious about it.
 why pray over it? because i want to hand my day over to the Lord - it is His day, for me to do His will. while i may have certain desires for the out come of each and every day, ultimately, i want whatever He has in store for me. so i'll be praying, making my schedule, praying over it and then be open for His changes - i'm sure they will come :)
 i'm off to go make my schedule and i'll keep a log here how it's all going. i can't say that every night i'll update, but i'll do my best :)

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